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Pointe-A-Pitre - St Barthelemy

Upon arrival in Pointe-à-Pitre airport, you have to go through immigration. An agent will be waiting for you right after, at the bottom of the stairs in the luggage room. In order to facilitate the meeting, our agent will hold a sign indicating your name.

Our VIP agent will then escort you through the airport and to your boarding gate and inquire on your checked-in luggage. From this moment on, you will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the peacefulness of your transfer.

In the meantime, another agent will retrieve your luggage from the conveyor belt for you, check them in, as well as yourself, on the next flight.

Once check-in is done, new receipts will be handed to you.


  • If you are connecting on a regular flight, our agent will have to escort you to the check-in counter, the presence of passengers is mandatory. You will then be assisted all the way to your boarding.
  • If you are connecting on a private charter, you will be escorted directly to the plane.

Our agents in charge at Pointe-à-Pitre will make sure that the VIP team in St Barth is informed of your departure, in order for your local representative (such as Villa or Hotel reps, car rental companies, friends or family members) to be advised and ready for your arrival. You will be met at the plane by a VIP agent who will offer to help out with your carry-on luggage and escort you through passport control and to the arrival room to retrieve your luggage.

You will be met at the plane by a VIP agent who will offer help carrying your hand luggage, escort you through passport control and to baggage claim. He will then introduce you to your representative outside arrival doors and will assist once more with bag handling,

Should your bags reach St Barth on a later flight, it will be our duty to get them delivered at your staying place as soon as they touch down. 

St Barthelemy - Pointe-A-Pitre

A day prior to departure, an Easyway-Sbh VIP agent in St Barts will reconfirm your flight details with the appropriate airline companies and will contact your Hotel/Villa representatives or yourself directly in order to advise about the departing arrangements of the following day. We will also reconfirm a time to collect your bags and travel documents 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to departure in order to check you in on your behalf.

On the day of your departure, we will come to your Hotel/Villa at the scheduled time to collect your bags, passports, your weight information (mandatory for check-in) and set up a time to meet with you at the airport. This will enable you to arrive only 30 minutes before take-off – depending if you travel on a regular or a private flight.

At your arrival at the airport, a VIP agent will meet you and hand you your travel documents, such as passports, boarding passes, luggage receipts and filled out immigration forms.

He will indicate your boarding gate to you. In due course, he will escort you to your plane and wish you a pleasant return flight.

The agents in charge of your assistance in Pointe-à-Pitre will be advised of your exact arrival time.

Once your plane lands in Pointe à Pitre, you will be met by our VIP agent if you travel on a private charter – or in the luggage room for a regular flight ; the meeting point will be indicated in advance – He will assist your with your luggage and your check-in (your presence being mandatory).

Once check-in completed, our VIP agent will escort you to the boarding room and indicate you where the VIP lounge and the nearby boutiques are in order for you to relax before your departure.

He will make sure that everything is in order before leaving and will wish you a pleasant return flight.

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